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Weeds Episode Recap: “A Shoe for a Shoe”

30 Dec

Is Nancy Botwin up shit creek? I was hoping so. Because I’m desperate to see the old Nancy, of the Weeds that I used to love, shine. That really didn’t happen. I could spend a lot of time writing this recap, or simply give you an abbreviated recounting of the events. I’m choosing the latter as I believe there was a lot of extra crap in this episode which was attempting to pretend to be entertainment, but was really just some sort of time filler.

Nancy meets Cesar for an “exchange” but shoots him in the leg with a bow. It turns out that Shawn and Doug are being ‘held’ hostage at the same diner/restaurant where Andy, Silas and Stevie are having their food. Inevitably the two groups come together. Nancy shows up. Shawn threatens to shoot Ignacio and the entire Botwin/Newman clan makes their escape from Seattle. Honestly, all the bits and pieces really weren’t worth recounting and Weeds is off its game once again.

The Vampire Diaries Episode Recap: “The Sacrifice”

27 Dec

Will Elena be ripped open in a ritualistic vampire sacrifice this week? Fingers crossed, but I doubt my wishes will be granted. Instead, I predict a bit of martyrdom on Elena’s part and possibly some brooding from Stefan. I guess I’ll have to wait forTrue Blood for any real action…

Klaus’s diabolical plan is set into motion at the beginning of the episode, as we watch his minion, The Warlork, aka, Dr. Martin sneak into Elena’s room after causing a distraction and stealing some of Elena’s possessions that are meant for a spell.

Damon and Stefan visit Katherine in the tomb. She tells them she’s bored and hungry so she’s reconsidered her position – she’ll give them the moonstone for her freedom. They go to Elena with the offer, telling Elena they obviously don’t trust Katherine for a second. They have decided if they can lift the curse off the moonstone then the doppelganger curse/spell no longer matters and Elena can live. Bonnie will undo the spell.

Bonnie and Luka channel each other. He talks her into it. They have to exchange objects that act as talismans. After their little episode he forgets to return her bracelet. Like that wasn’t a setup.

Elena shows up at the Salvatore home and discovers that Rose has been sleeping with Damon. Elena proposes to Rose that she take her to Slater to find out more about Klaus and in exchange, Bonnie will make it ok for Rose to exist in sunlight. They arrive at Slater’s home only to discover his dead body. They also find Alice, his girlfriend, hiding. Elena tricks Alice into looking up contact information on Slater’s computer and then tells Alice to make a call and announce she’s handing herself over to Klaus.

Caroline approaches Tyler offering her help with the impending onset of the full moon. Yeah like those two aren’t going to be hooking up while he’s chained to a wall. Tyler takes Caroline to the old Lockwood Estate cellar and shows her where he discovered he can chain himself up. They find Mason’s diary and a memory chip. A bit later, Tyler and Caroline watch Mason’s video of his first transformation and she reads from his diary. Tyler craps himself.

Meanwhile, Bonnie agrees to lift the spell on the tomb long enough for Stefan and Damon to enter and grab the moonstone from Katherine. Bonnie asks for something of Katherine’s. She does a spell to incapacitate Katherine for a short time when they break into the tomb. Jeremy steals some of the incapacitation ‘powder’ and arrives at the tomb before everyone else. He stakes Katherine in the stomach and sprays her with the ‘ash powder’ knocking her out. Of course she recovers and bites Jeremy just as he’s making his escape with the moonstone. Stefan, Damon and Bonnie are right outside the gate but then Damon’s interrupted by a call from Rose informing him that Elena has decided she is going to turn herself over to Klaus. Stefan sees the moonstone is sitting at the entrance where it flew from Jeremy’s hand. Jeremy can’t be killed because of his ring so Katherine announces she’ll feed off him while she waits for them to ‘open’ the tomb. Bonnie channels Luka for help. They both pass out. Bonnie isn’t strong enough to open the tomb. Stefan jumps inside to throw Jeremy out and now he’s trapped with Katherine. She looks pleased.

Tyler asks Caroline why she’s helping him. She explains the first time she turned she killed someone because nobody was there to help her. They share a moment then Matt shows up at her door. Isn’t that always the way? Just when you think something is finally finished with a guy… it never is. Matt tells her he misses her, again proving my theory that all men actually like being ignored and treated like shit. Or maybe it’s just the dumb ones.

Klaus is partaking in Dr. Martin’s spell with all Elena’s ‘objects’ present. Turns out it was a homing spell and Klaus ‘saw’ where Elena was. Really? All that? Couldn’t he have just waited outside the school for it to let out that week?

Back at Slater’s Elijah, back from the dead, shows up as do two henchmen. Damon tells Elena to be quiet and listen to him. Elijah questions the two henchmen then rips their hearts out. Elijah later tells Dr. Martin (I guess they know each other) that he left Elena with Damon who will protect her until they need her.

Jeremy and Bonnie share a moment at the Gilbert house and they almost kiss but Bonnie says she can’t and leaves but not before looking longingly at Jeremy. Damon and Elena are at her front door when Jeremy comes up and announces Stefan’s in the tomb. Elena rushes there, followed by Damon. Stefan tells Damon after Elena leaves to take care of her. Famous last request…I’m sure he’ll be more than glad to take care of her, Stefan.

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