Weeds Episode Recap: “A Shoe for a Shoe”

30 Dec

Is Nancy Botwin up shit creek? I was hoping so. Because I’m desperate to see the old Nancy, of the Weeds that I used to love, shine. That really didn’t happen. I could spend a lot of time writing this recap, or simply give you an abbreviated recounting of the events. I’m choosing the latter as I believe there was a lot of extra crap in this episode which was attempting to pretend to be entertainment, but was really just some sort of time filler.

Nancy meets Cesar for an “exchange” but shoots him in the leg with a bow. It turns out that Shawn and Doug are being ‘held’ hostage at the same diner/restaurant where Andy, Silas and Stevie are having their food. Inevitably the two groups come together. Nancy shows up. Shawn threatens to shoot Ignacio and the entire Botwin/Newman clan makes their escape from Seattle. Honestly, all the bits and pieces really weren’t worth recounting and Weeds is off its game once again.

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