Weeds Episode Recap: “Gentle Puppies”

4 Jan

This episode really should have been titled, “Nancy Needs to Get Laid.” Or “How to Get Laid on the run.” Or maybe:  “Nancy, Keep It in Your Pants.”

The Botwins buy an RV once owned by a minister now in prison for embezzlement but who apparently had quite a kinky appetite when he went on his – missions. I guess this is the only way one can make an RV sexy.

Shane announces he doesn’t want to go to high school so she promises to come up with a plan to educate him which suits him more to his path. Nancy, I’d suggest the local lockup ward.

Andy becomes Pastor Randy. I’m not sure what to say about Pastor Randy except it feels like Weeds is now scraping the bottom of the barrel. The fake baptismal. The revival atmosphere. It’s all too easy and it all seems to fall apart at the end of every episode to keep the Botwins moving along.

This week’s episode centered around Nancy’s need to get laid. The sex scene she has with the bartender she hits on is, I guess hot, but really the whole thing feels forced. And I’m extremely forgiving with sex scenes. I realize Nancy has to have at least one really hot sex episode a season but it was clear they realized Nancy needed a sex scene so that’s what the episode was about. Of course, her choice ends up being a married man and as soon as it feels like the Botwins might be welcome in their new community of losers, they are chased out of town by the entire ‘town.’

I seriously will need a shot of something before I watch the next episode.

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