Breaking Bad Season 4 Trailer/Promo

19 Jul

Breaking Bad.  My obsession last summer.  I watched all three seasons nonstop.  I was certain I knew it was premiering soon.  I’d seen enough posters in subway stations around New York City to remind me, yet the humidity seems to have made me forget.  It certainly wasn’t the crystal meth (no I do not take it, no I will never even try it – I have enough Sudafed in my system though to probably be my own crystal meth lab).

If you are like me, you might be a bit overwhelmed at the number of premium offerings on TV this summer.  I remember the days when there was nothing but re-runs and no VCRs or DVRs or OnDemand.  Now, I lose track of premieres constantly.  I know, shameful to admit.  I’m going to have to create a giant spreadsheet (a throwback to when I worked in a finance department) and start keeping a chart of all my essential viewing.

If you missed the first episode Sunday night like I did (yes, I was catching up on other shows), then you can watch it on AMCTV.

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View the promo here:

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