Weeds Season 7 Finale: Is it curtains for Nancy and the gang?

7 Oct

If you’re a Weeds fan, you have been through the highs (the first 2 seasons are my favorites) and the lows (the last season was so painful I could barely watch until the last 4 episodes – things picked up once they got to Michigan). I approached Season 7 with trepidation.  But I was pleasantly surprised, for the most part.  Yes, a few episodes veered off and I never felt they exploited that weird bike thing to its fullest potential but overall, Nancy Botwin felt like the old Nancy from the early Weeds.


In the last episode of the season and possibly the series, things start to get wrapped up.  Silas tentatively reconciles with Nancy after he realizes she does actually love him and she was not only looking out for the business but him as well.  Jill and Nancy have an embarrassing fight on the subway that was more uncomfortable than the people who come on and either play bad music and ask for money or just ask for money.  Shane agrees to join the police force and enters training (he doesn’t tell Nancy).  Dimitry goes to prison for an offense unrelated to drugs and Nancy and Jill are able to recover the stolen weed.  Finally, everyone ends up on a Connecticut compound (that is a bad idea considering if you have ever lived in Connecticut you will die of boredom) and Nancy makes a toast to the new living experiment and promptly someone takes a shot at her.  Is it the end for Nancy?  Or does she have one last season left in her?  Honestly, at this point, I’m not sure I care any longer.  If Nancy gets killed, I’m fairly certain Silas, Doug and Andy can run the pot business with Jill stepping in to be an even crazier bitch than Nancy.  I’m also sure that Shane will take protection money and be the most corrupt cop the NYPD has ever had.  As far as I’m concerned, that is the ending I’m giving it.  If Jenji Kohan can do better, more power to her.  I for one, as people used to say in California, think this bowl is dusted (at least I think that is how one spells bowl in these circumstances – I was never actually a stoner so I’m not sure).

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