Dexter: “Once Upon a Time” Episode Review

12 Oct

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is slowly evolving this season, learning how to grow as a parent and not lose himself.  In this case, being oneself is much worse than being an alcoholic, drug addict, sex addict, gambler or secret prostitute.  Being a serial killer might be the grand-daddy of keeping one’s real personality hidden from your children.  Of course, this is an issue that ends up as a gigantic revelation once the children are old enough to figure things out. The way things look. however, is that Dexter’s son, Harrison, might be following in his footsteps. He’s already got the inclinations of being a sociopath/psychopath at two,  liking scary stories, boxes with hidden ‘treasures’ and as we saw last season a few times, having an evil streak.  Besides the kid just looks creepy.


In this episode Dexter spends a lot of time pondering just how much of the real Dexter he can show Harrison before Harrison becomes fully aware that his father is a serial killer.  Apparently, he realizes, he can’t show him that much since Harrison demands “Daddy’s Box” throughout the episode.  For some creepy reason, I think Harrison would enjoy the contents of that box even more than his father.  To rectify the situation, Dexter gives Harrison his own box, an exact replica of his, which is disturbing in itself, but at least he loves his child.

The two religious serial killing nuts have found another victim but this time it looks like the good samaritan who tried to help one of them who faked an injury jogging will be wishing he kicked the guy in the head instead.  And religious serial killer nut #2 (known as Tom Marshall (Colin Hanks) but I prefer the name I’ve given him more) has a sister, Lisa Marshall (Molly Parker) who looks suspiciously like the co-star of the failed CBS drama Swingtown, from a couple of summers ago.  Actually, that’s exactly who she is.  I checked.  I believe there will be some sort of power struggle between religious serial killer nut #1 (the leader/Edward James Olmos) and Lisa Marshall for the soul of her brother as the season unfolds.  I’m wondering if there is a parallel between this screwed up ‘family’ and the Morgans.  Especially when religious serial killer nut #1 picks up a mannequin head and it resembles Deb (Jennifer Carpenter).   And if you were too dense to notice that, then you should have made the link between the two brunettes when the next shot was of Deb’s head.  Don’t worry if you didn’t notice.  It was sort of subtle and only years of training made me make the connection that there is a foreshadowing of doom between Deb and the religious serial killer brigade.

Speaking of Deb, Quinn (Desmond Harrington) proposes and pisses her off.  She was happy the way things were and she’s never fully recovered from the deaths of the other men she’s loved.  Poor Deb has been like a black widow personally.  And now thanks to La Guerta (Lauren Velez) blackmailing and angering the Deputy Chief (Geoff Pierson), Batista (David Zayas) doesn’t get the promotion to Lieutenant, instead, Deb gets it when she gets onto YouTube beating up a gunman.  Deb turns Quinn’s proposal down and first asks for Batista’s blessing for the job since he was in line for it.  He seems to support her although it’s clear he’s crushed he wasn’t selected.

We get introduced to a new character, Brother Sam (Mos Def) who appears to be bad and a killer who got off.  He runs a garage and employs convicts.  He’s Dexter’s primary target this week until he discovers Brother Sam isn’t so bad after all.  It’s the neighborhood drug dealer who meets his maker via Dexter.  It looks like Brother Sam might be making subsequent appearances this season so who knows if he can hold off the darkness forever, or if Dexter will have to punish him for his transgressions.

Finally, Masuka (C.S. Lee)  is lusting after his intern (Brea Grant), who seems to have a brain even though she wears provocative clothing.  Note to producers:  women with brains don’t tend to wear provocative clothing as it’s hard enough to get anything with a penis to take us seriously anyway.  The last thing the majority of smart women want in the workplace is to have some pervert fantasizing about our body parts.  In fact, I’m surprised Deb and LaGuerta haven’t made more noise about the intern and her provocative clothing since most women actually won’t stand for that in the workplace.  Even from an intern.  I know it’s Hollywood and it’s Dexter but could we just focus on gruesome killing and stop trying to justify the need for slags in the workplace?  This viewer would appreciate it.

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