Revenge: “Guilt” Episode 5 Review

25 Oct


In true noir fashion, this episode of Revenge opens as Lydia (Amber Valletta) plummets to her death from her rooftop landing and promptly dying on top of a taxi cab.  I almost felt bad for her until we flashback to the previous 48 hours.

Frank (Max Martini) informs Victoria (Madeleine Stowe)  that not only did Conrad (Henry Czerny) spend the night in the city — with Lydia but he has a receipt for the $10 million Conrad used to pay her off.  Let’s just say Victoria is less than pleased with this turn of events.

In order to stay in Victoria’s good graces, Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) takes Emily’s (Emily VanCamp) advice and manages to get the Open Arms Charity to honor Victoria’s efforts for the victims of the flight that died as a result of the terrorist bombing that was financed through Conrad’s money laundering.  It’s nice to see even a heartless bitch can sometimes feel a bit of guilt.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) pays a visit to Emily so he can plant a camera in the house and spy on her.  When Lydia later visits Emily to threaten her and demand the house back, she touches the hidden camera/whale figurine so Emily includes it in a box she packs (which contains documents that will frame Lydia as the culprit for the attack on Dr. Banks and the DVD expose last episode) and sends it off to Lydia.  The whale ends up at Lydia’s apartment in time to capture the subsequent drama that will be the final day of her life.

Tyler (Ashton Holmes) informs Dan (Joshua Bowman) that his dad has been sleeping with Lydia.  Dan decides he doesn’t want to work for his dad so his dad cuts him off.  There goes $100 million but what’s money when you are young and have um, integrity?  Dan promptly asks Jack (Nick Wechsler) for the bartender position that I’m sure will be his by the next episode.  Finally Dan talks to Emily and they clear up the miscommunication Tyler deliberately caused.  They end up sleeping together at the end of the episode.

In the meantime, Frank pushes Lydia off the balcony then Nolan shows up later to intercept a fax that she was supposed to receive naming Emily as Amanda Clarke who served as a waitress so she could spy on Lydia and Victoria years before.  Nolan grabs his whale camera, any incriminating evidence regarding Emily/Amanda then rushes to his place in time to witness Lydia’s murder on camera.  I wonder if anyone else noticed how many things Nolan touched before he left the apartment.  I actually feel bad for him.

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