American Horror Story: Halloween (Part 2) review

3 Dec

At this point, the show has lost me as any sort of a fan. I honestly feel like some sort of scientific observer, watching to see what they are going to do with their narrative and discovering that it seems, everything is more interesting if they just make most of their characters ghosts. There is something inherently flawed if your ghosts draw more sympathy than your protagonists. That is, after all, why they are called protagonists.

At this juncture I honestly don’t care what happens to Ben (Dylan McDermott) or Vivien (Connie Britton).  She’s the biggest whiner in the world outside of a certain former sister-in-law that I have and he is essentially a lying, cheating borderline sociopath.  And who doesn’t recognize a foreign penis inside them unless the Rubber Man’s is the exact size and shape of Ben’s which I highly doubt.  What Vivien doesn’t realize is that Hayden (Kate Mara) would be doing her a favor if she cut her fetus out).

What I find, well, ridiculous is that the dead can walk through the night on Halloween, but the dead from the house also seem to be able to walk around wherever they want as well.  It is certainly convenient that the dead can walk free on the night Violet (Taissa Farmiga) and Tate (Evan Peters) finally have a date.  SPOILER  ALERT:  That way we can confirm what we have been suspecting for awhile now – that Tate is also a ghost.  Apparently, an impotent ghost when it comes to really liking a girl.  He blames it on his meds (can meds even work on a ghost?) when they are at the beach and he can’t get it up, but it’s obvious that something else is bothering him.  I’m sure his girl/mommy issues (because there are ALWAYS mommy issues) will slowly be revealed in coming episodes.  Furthermore, while he might be impotent with his – appendage, he seemed to do fine with a substitute phallus, the gun he used to kill several of his classmates at a high school shooting over a decade before.

Speaking of phallic symbols in this episode, Ben’s phallic substitute of choice is the giant knife he keeps grabbing to not only defend himself and his house but to destroy the individual (Hayden) who he already sullied with his own phallus which has come back to — bite him in the ass.  Furthermore, the phallic symbolism continues when Hayden acquires a large piece of long broken glass to substitute for a knife to cut out Vivien’s demon seed.  A symbolic phallic abortion?  But no… Hayden does not get to do this in time.  Ben appears, mans up and confesses he cheated on poor Vivien just a bit more.   Ben is now screwed.  Vivien kicks him out of the house by the end of the episode.  Then Luke (Morris Chestnut), the security guy, takes Hayden to the local authorities only to discover she disappeared in the back of his car at sun-up.  Violet must also deal with the knowledge that Tate is not only Constance’s son (Jessica Lange), he’s a mass-murderer.  Quite a pick to lose one’s virginity with.  At least she’ll have stories to tell, if she survives the deflowering and the actual relationship.  Perhaps Tate will kill her as well and she and Tate will end up in the horror house forever.  Not my choice of destiny but I guess it works for them.

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