Dexter: “Sin of Omission” episode review

13 Dec

The theme in this episode: relationships between siblings.

Kids trust everybody.  The first line in this episode of Dexter.  This is what I would always tell my students is one of those “universal truths” that is a lie.  It is an evil thing I call a generalization.  You can’t prove it, so don’t try to start your story or argument by stating it.  I blame a few misguided high school English teachers for perpetrating this lie.  Personally, if I meet any high school English teacher that admits to teaching this kind of crap to students, I will most likely deck them, as I have been the recipient of thousands of examples of their remedial teaching.  But that’s another story.

Travis (Colin Hanks) and his sister, Lisa (Molly Parker), are juxtaposed with Dexter (Michael C. Hall)  and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) throughout the episode.  Deb shows up to question Travis’s sister.  Obviously the irony is that both sisters don’t realize their brothers are killers, even when one is a police lieutenant and the other is a teacher.  Both trained observers.  Both choose to ignore glaring signs that something is wrong with their emotionally challenged brothers in order to keep the pretense of a close relationship alive in their fantasies.  Both Dexter and Travis seemingly will do anything to protect their sisters from danger (think Rudy and Gellar), never truly comprehending they pose the biggest danger to their siblings.  And if the sisters theme, protection, observation and blindness wasn’t clear enough, we get to watch Louis (Josh Cooke) having lunch with Batista (David Zayas) and his sister, Jamie (Aimee Garcia).   Batista, the overprotective brother is the least crazy of the three.  In the end, Travis’s sister becomes the latest victim for Gellar’s tableau, The Whore of Babylon.  Later, Deb is in her therapy session discussing Travis which moves into her problematic relationship with Dexter — a clear link between not only the two brother/sister ‘couples’ but what I am believe looks like a decidedly questionable relationship between both sets of siblings.  These questions of communication and lack of intimacy tend to belong with romantic couples, not always brothers and sisters.

Dexter inherits Brother Sam’s bible.  Dexter ponders if Sam (Mos Def) brought out some light in him as he stalks Travis, questioning if that is why he let Holly Benson, his and Gellar’s latest victim, go.  Dexter tries to convince Travis to lead him to Gellar (Edward James Olmos).  Travis remains uncommitted to Dexter’s quest for justice.

In the meantime, Dexter takes a call where there’s a dead hooker/escort.  She overdosed.  Someone tried to revive her and fled the scene.  While it looks straight forward, Captain LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) pushes Deb to close the case as an accidental death.  This doesn’t set well with Deb.

Later, Gellar chains Travis who he says must repent.  He learns Gellar made his sister the Whore of Babylon.  Travis is understandably upset but remains chained up as Gellar’s prisoner.  Dexter follows a clue with a part of the tableau and discovers the name of the priest associated with the abandoned church that Gellar uses as his hideout.  When he arrives at the church, he discovers Travis, chained to the floor.  He begins searching the church for Gellar, who escapes.  Travis agrees to help Dexter catch Gellar.

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