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Sons of Anarchy: Brick Episode Review

9 Nov

Karma.  It will get you every time.  And right now, karma is coming after Clay (Ron Perlman) and Gemma (Katey Sagal).


If you have been wondering for years exactly what happened to John Teller and if Clay and/or Gemma was responsible, the good news is:  it looks like we are in the process of finding out this season.  Actually we do find out that Clay killed John Teller.  We don’t have all the details quite yet but we know Gemma obviously knew this and that Wayne (Dayton Callie) helped cover it up, although he did it because Clay lied to him about his motives.  It turns out that Clay is a ruthless, self-serving bastard that doesn’t care so much about the club or anyone else, he cares only about his hunger for power and control.  Yes, he also cares about Gemma.  That’s about it.  It’s essentially like watching a Shakespearian tragedy play out in a motorcycle club.

It is closest to Hamlet.  Especially since the central bones of the narrative is about Jax (Charlie Hunnam) butting heads with Clay at every turn, negotiating his life with his over-bearing mother, Gemma, and, at least in the first three seasons, it was about Jax finding his place in the club, and in the family.  Also, growing up enough to have a somewhat mature relationship with Tara (Maggie Siff), his high school sweetheart and the only female strong enough to stand up to Gemma, mostly.  Anyone who has had an overbearing insane crazy mother-in-law with a strange attachment to her son (that would be most mothers I’ve met in my lifetime) will understand that a prospective daughter-in-law can only stand up to her future mother-in-law to a point.  Then she must play her and allow her to believe she is an ally (which is what Tara was doing until Gemma’s discovery of the letters this season).

Now Tara has become a central player in the power struggle between Jax, Clay and Gemma.  She has been forced to enter into the politics of the motorcycle club in order to maintain her status quo in the family and in turn, hoping to use Piney’s (William Lucking) hatred of drug dealing and loyalty to the memory of John Teller, not to mention his strong idealism regarding the founding doctrines of the club.  Of course, Tara has been exposed because no matter how clever she is, she isn’t quite as cunning as Clay and Gemma:  two individuals who might be less educated than Tara but far more street smart.  In this episode we don’t see much of Tara but we learn that Clay has plans to eliminate her if he can get his hands on the letters she’s hiding.  Gemma tries to take a kinder tactic reminding him that she’s with Jax and she’s the mother of their grandchild.

We also learn a bit more about Wayne.  His ultimate loyalty is with Clay, most probably due to their shared guilt of covering up the murder of John Teller but he is secretly in love with Gemma.  He will do almost anything to stay in her favor but will betray her in order to still stay loyal to Clay.  Watching the game of musical letters this week and the lies that were told between Gemma, Clay and Wayne were some of the most interesting scenes in the episode.

Juice (Theo Rossi) has his own drama playing out.  Potter (Ray McKinnon) sends down the order that Juice must get a sample of the cocaine they are trafficking.  He almost gets caught and has to hide the kilo and smuggle it out of the room it is hidden in.  He falls asleep before he can return it and as the episode ends and the Sons are doing a count, everyone realizes a kilo is missing.  It’s guaranteed someone will die next episode.  At least Tara can’t be blamed for that mess.

Sons of Anarchy: “Una Venta” Episode Review

11 Oct

This week’s episode was far from compelling. I’m not sure I even need a spoiler alert because quite honestly, nothing of true significance occurs. This is one of those episodes that functions to set up many payoffs later in the narrative. Gemma (Katey Sagal) befriends the new police chief’s wife and gets Tara (Maggie Siff) to agree to be on the wife’s committee to save the community garden from developers. Yes Gemma has her own agenda including some weed growing but that’s beside the point.

SAMCRO accompanies their first drug/gun shipment to Tucson in force.  It ends up calling attention to law enforcement but they manage to evade the ‘tail’ by blowing up some used oil drums.  They make their first delivery and receive loads of cocaine to take back.  Bobby (Mark Boone Junior) doesn’t seem pleased.

Clay (Ron Perlman) plays a hypocrite when he discovers the SAMCRO counterparts in Tucson are dealing meth.  Isn’t it a little late to be self-righteous at this point?  He interferes in their club’s business and creates a rift with the current ‘management’ who will most likely get ex-communicated after their stunt.  Finally, Clay has a lot of trouble with his hands and riding which just reinforces the need for him to exploit the drug running business and get out while he can.

Piney (William Lucking) has a health scare in Tara’s office and they have a discussion about John Teller.  We discover that Jax (Charlie Hunnam) likes to keep a journal and really, that’s about all that happens.  I’m hoping for far more next episode.

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