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Ringer: “It’s Gonna Kill Me, But I’ll Do It” Episode 4 Review

10 Oct

This particular Ringer episode focuses on Brigdet’s/Siobhan’s (Sarah Michelle Gellar) birthday.  They reflect on their past celebrations when money was tight and they were children.  This year, Bridget gets to celebrate her birthday in the Hamptons with Gemma (Tara Summers), Henry (Kristoffer Polaha), and Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd).  While Andrew tries to get closer to his wife, Henry also takes his shot, reminding Bridget of their romantic tryst at the Hamptons house for her last birthday.  Bridget tells Henry the affair has to end and Gemma overhears.

Meanwhile  in Paris, Siobhan repairs her relationship with Tyler (Justin Bruening), the banker from her husband’s company.  She confesses it’s her birthday and she has no money (Bridget made that large withdrawal as Siobhan a couple of weeks ago), so Tyler comes to her rescue and puts her hotel bill on Andrew’s company’s bill.  Problem solved.  It appears that Bridget, as a drug addict and alcoholic, has far more integrity than Siobhan.  So far.  Siobhan manages to steal some paperwork from Tyler’s briefcase and make a call to her anonymous partner that their plans are still moving forward.

Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell), not one to miss a party, shows up at the Hamptons after the FBI discovers two things:  Bridget/Siobhan made a distress call from Siobhan’s boat in the Hamptons back in September when Bridget first arrived in town, and, Bridget/Siobhan, accessed the locker where Bridget’s belongings were stored and took her bag.  He confronts Bridget (as Siobhan) and tells her that he knows all of Siobhan’s secrets and he will find Bridget.  He also informs Gemma that Siobhan has a twin sister (before any of the revelations of the affair has taken place) so Gemma confronts Bridget/Siobhan who admits to having a twin who she is no longer close to.  Finally, Agent Machado quickly searches Bridget’s phone and sees through the call history that she has placed calls to Malcolm (Mike Colter).  Things aren’t looking good for Bridget.

In the Hamptons, things go from bad to worse for Bridget.  She discovers Gemma overhead the conversation wtih Henry and gets decked in the face.  Then, in a desperation move, she admits to Gemma that she’s not Siobhan, she’s Bridget.  Next week’s previews look like Gemma tells Andrew that Siobhan is really Bridget.  Things will now hopefully pick up.

Ringer: “If You Ever Want A French Lesson…” Episode 3 Review

9 Oct


Things aren’t going so well for anyone in this episode.  Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) tries to discover who hired Siobhan’s killer through any clue she can find in the killer’s phone but that’s proving to be a bit of a problem.  First, the second hit man demands the phone back more than once through the episode and she discovers that unless she’s a drug dealer with surveillance equipment or an FBI agent, she probably can’t discover any sort of call history on the disposable phone. Bridget tries to get help from her NA sponsor Malcolm (Mike Colter) but he gets kidnapped by the bad guy gunning for her and beaten.  By the end of the episode he’ll be shot up with heroin (I’m guessing) so Malcolm might be accidentally giving Bridget up sooner than anticipated.  And just to make Bridget a bit more paranoid, she discovers a copy of the photo the hit man had.  First, she is positive that Andrew gave it to him because the photo is in a cabinet.  Later, Bridget discovers Gemma  (Tara Summers) has the same photo.  She questions her and Gemma reminds her most of the New York power players have that photo since it was the one Siobhan and Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) sent out as a Christmas card.  Oh well, my money is still on Gemma or Andrew, or Andrew’s business partner, Olivia (Jaime Murray).

In the meantime, Gemma and Henry (Kristoffer Polaha) fight about money.  Henry decides to withdraw funds from their joint hedge fund account brokered by Andrew without telling Gemma.  In Paris, Siobhan meets a banker who she flirts with (he’s working for one of her husband’s branches) then later attempts to seduce.  She has to abort the seduction as she is so nauseated she kicks him out of her room and takes a pregnancy test.  It’s confirmed, she’s knocked up with Henry’s child.  If we weren’t sure, she calls him to listen to his voice as she looks at the positive pregnancy test in her hand.

Bridget has her own troubles.  Hit Man #2 is angry.  She refuses to give up the phone.  Bridget calls FBI Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell) so the hit man will see her talking to him.  She then tells Hit Man #2 (on a phone call) that if he tries to kill her, etc. that Agent Machado will get the phone in question.   Andrew tries thank Bridget for her party the previous week but she doesn’t trust him, probably for good reason, although I’m not entirely sure how untrustworthy he is.  It looks like something juicy will be revealed next episode.  I’m looking forward to seeing what that might be…

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