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Amazon Prime…a great value for TV addicts

28 Jan

I stopped writing reviews for quite a while, partially because I was writing for Examiner.com which took up a large amount of time and paid pennies, literally.  When I wasn’t writing for Examiner.com, I was writing online lectures.  Then, when I wasn’t doing that, I was helping my friend set up a jewelry business, Chasing the Dragon Jewelry. When I wasn’t doing that, I was working on a book about writing film essays (half-way done at the moment), and finally, I was re-working two television pilots.  And getting a divorce.  It was a busy year.  Sadly, I do not have a mansion in Malibu to show for it, but there is always next year… The one thing I was doing, was watching a lot of television.  Because unlike lots of people, I do not believe that television is garbage.  Okay, I do believe some television is garbage, but I am not in the habit of watching what I define as garbage television, a definition, for now, I am keeping to myself.

Until last year, I got by on my Netflix subscription.  The problem is that I ran out of most of their British television shows that were streaming.  And I only have the two-dvds at a time plan along with the streaming, so I decided to give Amazon Prime a try.  What I liked about their deal was that not only did I get to stream a load of foreign shows in the yearly price, which is $79 per year, but I got the upgrade that allows me to order anything that falls under the prime rubric and it gets a shipping upgrade for 2nd day delivery for free.  Or, I should say, free shipping in two days time.  This has worked out well for me and I feel the membership has been worthwhile.

Amazon Prime offers a number of popular shows free for streaming such as several seasons of Californication, Downton Abbey (which I still haven’t watched, I know…I know…), Justified, The Walking Dead, Inspector Lewis, Sherlock (the British one), American Horror Story (Seasons 1 and 2), and so many children’s shows I am not even going to attempt to list them.  It also offers little gems, such as the actual Swedish version of Wallander, not the British version.  If you have not tried the Swedish version, you are missing a great show.  Over the last year, I have found that Netflix has stepped up its foreign TV game a bit and now these two offer a lot of the same shows that stream for free.

While Netflix has also gotten into the original series game, Amazon Prime is not far behind, although I will say that the Netflix product House of Cards is a far better quality product than Amazon’s Betas.  But that is only my opinion.  I am going to have to sit and watch all the original programming on Amazon Prime to give it a fair assessment.  The bottom line is that for about $8 a month, you get a lot of streaming product (I did not even bother with film but that is another consideration if film is your first love).  Right now, you can try Amazon Prime for a month for free and see if you like it.


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True Blood: And When I Die Episode Review/Season 4 Finale

14 Sep


I’m not sure what to say besides:  I’m underwhelmed.  Possibly that the writers wrote themselves into a corner this season and they couldn’t seem to find their way out?  I’d hoped for something more.  I’m not sure what but something beyond what happened.  Now I’ll admit that there were a couple of high points with some deaths I’d been hoping for.  Other than that, the entire episode felt like it was trying to wrap everything up because it was the season finale.  And seriously?  Making it happen on Halloween?  The first thing they teach you if you take a TV writing class is NEVER to write what they call ‘very special episodes‘ for your samples.  They claim those episodes are better left to the professionals.  Someone should let the professionals know that September 11th is not October 31st, nor does it feel like October 31st here on the East Coast.   The leaves haven’t even changed yet and while it is true there is Halloween candy out at Target and the local Stop and Shop, I’m not even ready to buy it for myself let alone considering Halloween.  It could have been a very special Thanksgiving Episode for all I cared.  Or maybe the Easter Bunny could have taken Marnie down?  I just didn’t see the point.

Jesus and Lafayette/Marnie eat breakfast.  Jesus notices Lafayette’s quiet but doesn’t realize Marnie has possessed him.  I have a hard time believing that.  I realize that Lafayette is the medium but it seems he could at least sense something is terribly wrong.  So, he gets a fork in the hand and he knows he’s screwed.  Should I mention those eggs actually looked really good and made me think more about having breakfast for dinner than worrying about Jesus’s fate?

At the Stackhouse residence, Sookie looks on the floor and sees her dead grandmother there. Her vision is interrupted by Tara.  They are both trying to recover from the night before.

Sam and Hoyt’s mother are at Tommy’s grave.  She tells Sam that he can call her ‘mama’ now.  Just as she leaves, Luna and Emma show up to comfort Sam a bit more.

In yet another section of Bon Temps, Jason visits Hoyt on the job and confesses that he’s slept with Jessica.  Hoyt beats the crap out of him.

Marnie/Lafayette ties Jesus up, informs him that s/he wants his magic, stabs him in the heart, eats the blood.  Marnie gets Jesus’s magic as Jesus dies.  Later, it’s Tara who discovers Jesus, dead, and runs to find Sookie.

Sookie has gone to Merlotte’s.  Sam is there now.  Sookie reminds him that he fired her he tells her he wasn’t quite himself and he rehires her.  This is where we discover that it is Halloween.  Funny everybody but Sookie and Tara seemed to get the memo.  There is a great scene with Arlene and her kids and she tells them if they don’t behave they will be trick-or-treating at the trailer park and getting empty Coors cans and food stamps again.  Now why can’t all the lines be that good?  Patrick, a Marine buddy of Terry’s shows up .  They go off to catch up and we don’t see him again for the rest of the episode.  Couldn’t we just meet him at the beginning of next season?  Later, dead Rene shows up to a terrified Arlene and tells her that Terry’s past will cause danger for her.

Alcide shows up for a drink at Merlotte’s and to get Sookie to be with him.  He says he’s left Debbie and wants to get together with Sookie.  She turns him down.  Sort of.  It does sound like she’s sloppy seconds to Debbie anyway.  She already has enough trouble with Eric and Bill.  A little later, Sookie and Holly are behind Merlotte’s.  Holly’s getting stoned.  Tara pulls up explains what happened to Jesus and Lafayette and they all race to Bill’s mansion in time to see Lafayette/Marnie preparing to light a bonfire around Bill and Eric.  Holly somehow manages to pour sage and other magic-related stuff around everyone as Marnie sets the bonfire alight.  Then Tara, Sookie and Holly chant (who knew both Tara and Sookie were so versatile with powers) and just as Bill and Eric are about to fry like bacon, the fire goes out.  Oh yes, and lots of ghosts come up from the graveyard and Sookie’s grandmother reaches into Lafayette’s throat and grabs Marnie out.  Then we are forced to listen to Antonia try to get Marnie to go to the spirit world which finally happens.  It was just – lame.  Then Sookie asks her Grandmother to stay and for her advice and she says Sookie is better off alone.  So, later, Sookie lets both cripsy vampires feed off her then tells them that she can’t be with either one.  Then walks out the door.  Very empowering, however, kind of boring unless Sookie decides to take the Mildred Pierce route and open up popular restaurants featuring fried foods that appeal to humans and vampires and makes a killing.  Otherwise, she kind of needs a love interest for us to keep watching.

This must be the episode for female empowerment since Jessica then shows up at Jason’s to have sex then announce she doesn’t want a commitment.  Those are famous last words.  Whenever they are uttered, the person claiming that usually ends up changing their mind within a week or two.  And Jason’s line about her feeding off other men is like a prostitute having sex but not kissing was ridiculous.  Okay, so if my fuck buddy just told me that I was like a prostitute, I’m not sure I’d take it with the same ease Jessica did, but then again maybe she’s too young and Jason’s too naive to realize he delivered a backhanded compliment to her.

Now perhaps my only truly favorite moment in the entire episode comes when Pam melts down about Sookie with only lines that Pam can deliver including her ridiculing Sookie and shouting about her “precious faerie vagina” (seriously how did they even come up with that line?) or her unbelievably stupid name.  And I have to agree with Pam there.  The name Sookie is, um, unfortunate.

Later, Jesus visits Lafayette and says he will always be around and they can always talk since Jesus is dead and Lafayette is a medium.  Sounds like the making of a typical dysfunctional relationship.  And if that one isn’t bad enough, Andy brings Holly flowers and confesses that he is a V addict.  Now that’s really the way to start a relationship.

Jason gets a visit from the Reverend Steve Newlin who is now a vampire and at the same time, Alcide discovers an empty spot in a parking garage where Russell Edgington was buried just last season.  Looks like we will get a visit from him next season.

Finally… the rest of the deaths.  Nan visits Bill and Eric.  They seem to be a team now that Sookie has dumped them.  Nan’s been fired and is in the middle of a mutiny against The Authority and the American Vampire League.  She mentions Sookie and next thing we know, Eric has decapitated her henchmen and Bill has killed Nan.  I wonder what The Authority will say about that.

Things aren’t any quieter for Sookie now that she has dumped the two men in her life.  She arrives home to find Debbie waiting for her with a shotgun.  Tara is staying at Sookie’s and tries to save her as Debbie takes a shot.  Part of Tara’s head is blown off.  Sookie kills Debbie in cold blood, although Debbie had it coming.  And that ends Season 4 of True Blood.  I’m wondering how soon Sookie will falter and end up with Eric or Bill.  I feel like I should start a betting pool.

Breaking Bad: Hermanos episode review

11 Sep


The stakes are raising as we barrel down toward the end of the season.  Things are beginning to look bad for both Gus and Walt.  As we open, in yet another signature Breaking Bad style disorienting shot, we figure things are probably going to go wrong somewhere in this episode.  First we see greenish water in what is most likely a swimming pool – but where does this swimming pool exist?  I know I’m both anxious and weary to discover why a swimming pool is involved in a flashback.  The last time they featured a swimming pool on Breaking Bad, a plane crashed in it.  And yes, this swimming pool also will represent death.  In the opening scene/flashback of “Hermanos,” Walt and Gus discuss Hank’s attack from the previous season, which we see from Gus’s POV (point of view).  So, the swimming pool must be Gus’s flashback as well.  We watch at Gus has yet another flashback discussing Hank’s arranged attack between Gus and Hector (formerly known to us as Tio) in what appears to be a nursing home.  Confused?  I believe you are supposed to be.  Because we are now entering the mind of Gus for the first time.  And, well, a lot is going on.  You’ll see soon enough.

In the meantime, Walt gets a scan to see how his cancer is doing.  Yes, I know they had to address it sometime but it just didn’t feel organic in the story.  We haven’t seen any medical stuff surrounding his cancer all season so it feels like more of an after-thought.  Now, I will agree there is a great speech about not letting the cancer being in control and Walt taking control of his life, it was just that, honestly, that scene felt forced.  Then, to drive home that Walter is not in control, later we see him being watched by Gus’s surveillance camera.

While Walt is dealing with cancer and rousing speeches, Gus is called into the DEA to discuss why his fingerprints are at Gale’s apartment.  He manages to talk his way out of everything, explaining that he sponsored Gale through a scholarship for college and that’s their connection.  Then he claimed Gale contacted him because he needed to borrow money.  Everyone buys the story but Hank.

Saul takes money to Andrea, Jesse’s old girlfriend, to make sure she can afford the new home she’s renting.  She asks about Jesse.  Saul awkwardly makes an excuse for him.  Later, when Saul gets back to the car, Jesse asks about Andrea.  Saul suggests he go check on them himself.

Skyler finally figures out how to solve her problem although I’m not actually buying it.  She stores the money in air-tight clothing bags then attempts to hang them back up in the closet.  The hanger rod snaps under the weight so she stores everything under the crawl space of the house.  I’m just wondering what she’s going to do in case there’s a fire.  She might as well bury the money in the backyard.  I’m not impressed with her problem solving ability and think at this point she would be a bit more clever.  I’m wondering if this is going to serve as a later plot point.  Otherwise, that narrative trajectory has become disappointing.

Hank asks Walt to drive him to a Gem & Mineral show.  On the way there he explains that was a cover so the family doesn’t know what he’s really up to.  He has Walt take him to Los Pollos Hermanos as Walt becomes increasingly unnerved.  Hanks informs Walt of his suspicions regarding Gus and asks Hank to plant a tracking device on Walt’s car.  Hank pretends to, goes inside the restaurant, let’s Gus know that he didn’t do it but Gus tells him to go ahead.

Later, Walt goes to Jesse’s place and demands Jesse kill Gus as soon as possible, explaining the situation.  Jesse claims he hasn’t seen Gus.  A bit later, he receives a text message from Mike while he’s gone to the restroom and Walt reads it – letting Jesse know that the meeting is postponed.  Obviously he has access to Gus and he’s lying.  Now Walt has confirmed he has another problem on his hands.

Mike calls Gus to let him know that Hank is only suspicious.   The rest of the group who questioned him seems to believe Gus’s answers check out.  Hank’s the lone holdout.  Gus then goes to visit Hector/Tio in his nursing home.  Gus asks Hector, “Is today the day?”  I hate it when they are that cryptic.  It’s just annoying.  We enter another flashback.  We discover much more about Gus’s past.  We discover a much younger Hector – at least 20 years younger.  Gus and his then partner/cook Max wait to meet Don Eladio, head of the Mexican drug cartel.  Gus wants to be in business with him to distribute the crystal meth that Max has cooked up.  Don Eladio is angry with both of them and Max, worried that Gus will be killed, attempts to verbally defend why Gus is an asset and while he does this, Don Eladio gives Hector the okay to kill Max.  One second he’s talking, the next, Gus’s face is splattered in Max’s blood that is spurting out of the hole in his head.  Don Eladio tells Gus the only reason he isn’t dead as well is because he knows “who he is” (okay who the hell is he?) but he needs to remember that “he’s not in Chile anymore.”  He’s warned to keep cooking his chicken and stay out of the drug business – certainly in Mexico.  At least now we see why there is an escalating war between Gus and the Mexican Cartel.

All I keep wondering is:  who will get to Gus first, the cartel or Walt?

True Blood: Let’s Get Out of Here Episode Review

31 Aug


Only True Blood can address wayward spirits, unsatisfied virgins, shape shifter issues and repercussions and sexual politics and double standards in one episode.  It’s probably why I like this show so much.

We begin with Bill and Alcide rushing Sookie to her house and Bill trying to get Sookie to take his blood to heal.  I’m honestly not quite sure how Bill managed to get away but I’ll just go with it.  I also love how we don’t see Sookie actually taking blood, and we are left to wonder if Alcide and Bill did pray as Bill suggested.  Which was a great opening scene considering how evil werewolves and vampires are supposed to be.  But that is what this show is about.  Monsters with humanity and humans who can be monsters.  And all the individuals who fall in between.  Sookie obviously takes the blood and the first thing she asks Bill about is Eric.  Ok, that’s awkward but even more awkward is that it is obvious she still cares for him.  Alcide leaves.  Bill tells Sookie to get some rest.  Like that will ever happen in Bon Temps.

Sookie has a dream… this dream, I know, is supposed to be, at least according the the show’s producers, very enlightened.  They feel they are empowering women because Sookie dreams that she loves Eric and Bill.  She then demands they both have an equal relationship with her and share.  This moment is supposed to be a great moment for the female viewers, finally getting their chance to be like men and demand they do what they like sexually.  Ok… seriously Alan Ball, if you want to do this then put it in the fucking real story line.  What is so empowering about a dream on TV in a narrative?  It’s the safe way to say something.  This is HBO.  I pay a lot per month for you guys to take chances and with the female’s sexual desire, I don’t care what you’re claiming, you are playing it safe by having this scene play out in a dream.  Now, honestly, I don’t know what woman in her right mind would want to juggle two men.  One man is hard enough.  Two would be such a time sucker in reality Sookie would probably gain weight and start looking and feeling haggard with all the emotional demands of Bill and Eric.  I’m guessing this is why you don’t always see women so avidly keeping one guy on the side.  They usually make a decision:  one or the other.  Maybe women just know that there truly is no such thing as having their cake and eating it too.  There’s always a price to pay.  Besides if men did all housework, cleaning, grocery shopping, bill paying equally (yes I know some of you actually do this), they wouldn’t have time or energy to go out looking for even more sex.  But I digress from the episode recap…

Sookie gets a visit from Debbie, who offers to help Sookie out with her problem with Antonia and locating Eric.  Debbie figures the sooner Sookie is back with Eric, the sooner Alcide will keep focused on her.  Or perhaps it’s even more sinister than that.  I’d like to give Debbie the benefit of the doubt but she’s an emotionally insecure V addict.  What we soon discover as Debby distracts Antonia while Sookie breaks into the witch shop, is that Debbie is really there to sell out Sookie and get her killed.  Debbie runs for it and Sookie doesn’t notice since she has found Eric who is under Antonia’s spell and is more robot-like than ever.  She does discover, though, that Eric is supposed to kill Bill.  Oh no.  Sookie escapes Antonia thanks to Tara and catches Debbie trying to flee.

Jessica pours her heart out to Nan, who looks like she’d like to send Jessica to the true death or at least silver her to shut up.  Jessica does get her chance with Jason later.  Hoyt asks Jason to return Jessica’s stuff to her and Jason tries to protest but he ends up at Bill’s and Jessica and Jason end up consummating their relationship, at least sexual one, in the bed of his pickup truck.  I found it amusing how Jessica covers her breasts.  A modest vampire?  Yes, I know.  She’s a perpetual virgin.

A short recap of the drama with Lafayette is that he (as Mavis) goes to Hoyt’s, kicks Hoyt out of the house, and sits there with the baby.  Eventually, Jesus comes and coaxes Mavis out of Lafayette’s body and she goes away with her dead baby in her arms.  I guess this is the heart-warming scene for the episode.

Oh yes, Tommy.  He ends up fighting with Marcus (Luna’s ex) as Sam.  Once he gets the shit beat out of him, they (the werewolves) discover Tommy’s a shifter and Sam still needs a beating (which he does in Marcus’ eyes, especially since he is in the middle of banging Luna).  I am truly hoping something interesting happens with Tommy and Sam.

Finally, Sookie makes it to the Tolerance Rally for vampires.  Nan and Bill are speaking.  Antonia is there with Eric.  There is a show of violence orchestrated by Antonia and her minions (vampires under her spell) and Sookie tears into the room screaming for Bill to “Run!”  So finally, we are going to get a Bill/Eric showdown as Eric swoops in for the attack.  But can Eric be held accountable?  He is under the influence… I’m sure we will find out next episode.

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True Blood: Spellbound Review

17 Aug

Things are heating up in Bon Temps and True Blood is living up to its promise of lots of sex and death.  At least for Jessica!  Spoiler Alert!

We start the episode right where the previous episode left off, with Jessica standing in the blinding sunlight, but before she can burst into flames, Jason tackles her and gets her safely back into the house without too much incident.  Ok.  He did have to shoot a guard in the shoulder.  Jessica is so grateful, she kisses him.  And the damage is done.  There’s an even stronger bond between the two now that we witness as Jason carries Jessica up the stairs and gently and lovingly (yes, really) re-silvers her.  If that isn’t enough, Jessica has a dream (but we don’t know it’s a dream until after) and breaks up with Hoyt, who begs her to stay, threatening he will die without her.  He gets so annoying she slams his head off a shelf or counter (I honestly couldn’t tell what it was) and kills him, splattering herself with his blood in the process.  She runs out to Jason, who is waiting for her in the truck.  He gets turned on seeing her covered in blood and tells her they need to have sex immediately in the truck.  Jessica wakes up with her fangs out.   Later, Jessica does go to break up with Hoyt but he ends up breaking it off with her and he rescinds her invitation into the house.  She goes straight to Jason who then tells her they can’t be together since Hoyt is his best friend and he rescinds his invitation to her and once again she’s thrown out of the house.  It’s been a bad 24 hours for Jessica, but at least she’s alive.  She just might be extremely sexually frustrated.  This Jessica/Jason/Hoyt triangle is heating up and this is just the beginning.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few weeks.

While Jason might be abstaining, Sookie is going wild with Eric.  And you know it’s all going to end soon since we are into the third episode of their sexual escapades.  Things are going to get bad very fast, I’m guessing, since nobody gets to be that happy and sexually satisfied on this show.  Sookie allows Eric to drink some of her blood to heal his wounds from the silver and then he bites his hand and tells her that “they will become one” and she drinks his blood.  They then have sex for what will be the final time in a while, I’m guessing, considering it was sex on a V/Faerie Blood trip.  I’m actually sad to see it end because it was nice to see nice Eric.  Yes, I know evil Eric is far more exciting sometimes but nice Eric had his good points.

Sam visits Shifter Chick and her daugther.  Yes, I know I should know her name (okay it is Luna) but I just prefer to think of her as Shifter Chick.  Werewolf Pack Leader Dude shows up as he’s Shifter Chick’s ex-husband and faces off with Sam.  I’m sure there will be more posturing and wild animal fights to follow as we proceed through the season.  And Tommy pretends to be Hoyt’s mother and gets a check for mineral rights on her property.  Bad Tommy.  But is anyone really surprised?

Lafayette dreams of the Creole Lady, who is actually named Mavis and we discover she had a white lover in the 1930s who killed their baby because he was married and the baby had a black mother.  Lafayette wakes up in time to experience Mavis inhabiting his body.  She then uses Lafayette to sneak into the Bellefleur mansion and kidnap baby Mikey (taking Andy’s gun as he and everyone else sleeps).  I can’t wait to see how that storyline plays out.

Bill is busy negotiating a meeting with Antonia/Marnie for a truce.  He calls on Eric for help.  Sookie comes along and there is a face-off of witches vs. vampires in the graveyard.  Antonia is supposed to lift the spell for Eric and Pam and stop her attacks.  Sookie hears her start to say a spell in her head and warns Bill.  A deadly battle ensues.  Pam almost gets to kill Tara but Bill commands her to stop.  Pam gets pissed and Tara’s surprised.  She shouldn’t have been as Bill might be a bit boring sometimes (less so lately) but he tries to do the right thing when he can.  Eric becomes Antonia’s bitch.  She has him under her spell.  Sookie gets attacked by a witch and fights him off with her power, only to be shot by another witch.  Bill gets silvered and neutralized so he can’t help.  Lucky for Sookie, Alcide anticipates a problem and shows up, just in time to save her.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t notice a very angry, jealous Debbie has followed him.

Next week should be good, considering Eric won’t be able to help Sookie recover.  In the teaser, it looks like Bill might be helping.  Along with Alcide.  Debbie will, I’m certain, have something in store for Sookie.  It looks like the witches have only just begun their Reign of Terror in Bon Temps.

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Against the Wall: a real female detective

16 Aug

Ok.  I’m going to be honest.  I know I should be on the cutting edge of knowing every single TV show and when they are airing.  But… I don’t.  There are so many now, it’s sometimes overwhelming if you are like me and actually like television.  I wouldn’t know about Against the Wall if iTunes didn’t have a free preview of it.  I’m not as in tune with Lifetime Network as I probably should be.  I’m wondering if my father knows about the show because he is the secret Lifetime Movie Network addict.  Whenever I go home, I inevitably walk in on him watching a TV movie that he’s either so into you can’t speak to him or he’s snoring through.  I guess nobody let him know he’s not the target audience for female-driven melodramas.  I don’t feel like telling him.  It always gives me a bit of hope to see men watching shows targeted at women.  I just find this ironic since  I am a female over 30 who should be their target audience.  But I don’t always go in for the girly shows.  Yes, sometimes I do.  I secretly like Drop Dead Diva.  Or did.  I missed this most of this season.  Actually it is currently airing on Lifetime on Sunday nights, right before Against the Wall created by Annie Brunner (Saving Grace, Any Day Now, Huff).

First, I was wary of any female cop show that was going to air on Lifetime.  All I could think of was some sort of cuddly, hormonal hour-long burden that I would resent because it made women look far too stereotypical.  But I don’t believe that’s what’s actually going on in this show.  Abby Kowalski (Rachael Carpani) comes from a family of cops – all male.  She’s the ambitious one and the pilot episode is about her first day on the job as a detective – of Internal Affairs, the most hated department in all police precincts.  We watch as she deals with having to disclose to her entire family she’s essentially joined ranks with the enemy.  Only her mother, Sheila (Kathy Baker), gives her any support.  And yes, this is a female-driven crime drama.  Abby’s IA partner is a pregnant detective, Lina (Marisa Ramirez), and there’s some tension but yeah, they actually get along.   No, this show is not as fun-loving as Castle.  And in no way is it  Cagney and Lacey.  It’s somewhere in the middle.  Abby is a woman who is at once confident in her professional life and yet insecure when it comes to her father.  She doesn’t, however, let that stop her from going after her goals.  She’s also a bit of a klutz.  It’s always nice to see another women who tries to keep it together knock over a display at a grocery store or trip over her own feet.  This keeps her more real than the traditional female cops we tend to get who are no nonsense and never make mistakes.  She reminds me of a less intense Brenda (The Closer) when she secretly eats her Ding Dongs or other chocolate snacks in the midst of a personal or professional crisis.  Because yes, women turn to chocolate.  In Abby’s case, her brother’s police partner is her fix, the guy she uses for sex when she’s got a problem.  Yes, women do that as well.  Again, a bit more real.

This show is about watching Abby rise professionally in a world that is hostile to her job and department, and yet each week we see her still come out a winner.  It’s also about a woman who isn’t good in romantic relationships and is sometimes overwhelmed by family expectations.  In other words, it’s about a human being.  Who happens to be female.

Falling Skies: LOL

23 Jul

I made it through 9 minutes and 44 seconds of Falling Skies and was certain I’d been watching for at least an hour.  Am I supposed to care that the aliens have taken the children of Earth and put metal harnesses on them?  Am I supposed to say, Oh!!! It’s Noah Wylie from ER.  I must watch this!  Or am I supposed to just lie back and take one for the team because Steven Spielberg is the executive producer?  I like science fiction if it’s done well.  Not if its so full of cliches I feel like the show would have worked better as some sort of SciFi parody.  Well, at least one good thing came out of this… I get a free hour every week for TV I can enjoy.

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The trailer is a bit more exciting: