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Showtime’s Summer Dramedy Hour is back: Weeds and Episodes premiere, part 1

10 Jul

Weeds Season 8 Promo Poster

I always like to wait a bit before I judge. I’ve spent time mulling over both of Showtime’s summer Dramedies:  Weeds and Episodes.  While Episodes can be thought of as an understated comedy that satirically examines the television industry, from concept of a series to its premiere, Weeds can be seen as a black comedy that looks at everything in the most pessimistic possible light.  It isn’t completely clear why Showtime decided to give Weeds one final season to wrap everything up since the end of Season 7 was satisfying in a Botwinesque way:  Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) gets shot and will she survive?  Sometimes it is better to leave an open ending.  American audiences hate open endings though.  They want closure.  In reality, closure is rarely something anyone gets to experience and that is most likely why the American television audience craves knowing a clear outcome. This is usually to the detriment of the storytelling process.  I hope it won’t be true for the final season of Weeds.

Shane (Alexander Gould) dealing with the neighbors after Nancy’s shooting.

In the Season 8 premiere of Weeds, “Messy,” we pick up right where we left off at the end of last season:  with Nancy having just been shot.  In the head.  Ironically this happened in her seemingly safe suburban mansion, in Old Sandwich, CT.  The title, “Messy,” comes from one of my favorite scenes of the episode, when two exceedingly old neighbors climb on ladders to snoop over the fence and see what happened at the Baldwin compound.  If Jenji Kohan got one thing right in this episode, it was the obnoxious behavior of the elderly wealthy residents of Connecticut.  I’m sure there are some very nice elderly people in Connecticut but my personal experience was almost the same while I lived in the uh, nutmeg state – I would sometimes find my landlords standing at the window staring inside trying to eavesdrop. I was brought back to that creepy experience as I watched the busybody neighbors from Old Sandwich comment on the “messy” lives of the Baldwins.  Connecticut hates messy.  Ironic that it is safer to walk around East Harlem than parts of New Haven and Bridgeport, but who am I to judge?  A disgruntled Californian, I guess.

I had pretty much given up on Weeds by the end of last season.  In fact, the only reason I watched it was because I was living in East Harlem at the time, and I could relate to Nancy’s plight of the halfway house, as I was job hunting and staying at a former friends’ condo (yes former, a story which I am sure I can relate to another cable show’s episode considering my life is surely as messy as any fictional characters’), when Weeds aired last year.  And as that bullet rang out at the end of last season, I thought it was a fitting and somewhat sophisticated way to end the series.  I will admit I was highly skeptical when I discovered there was going to be a final season of the series.

But I digress.  We quickly join Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Nancy in the ambulance witnessing Nancy make sexual references to the paramedic in front of her son while shot in the head, bleeding and possibly near death.  And that is the last we hear from her in the episode since she is put into a medically induced coma.  This episode is about Nancy’s family and friend’s reactions to her – tragedy.  Shane (Alexander Gould) at once becomes a predator and a cop, trying to chase down the gunman and then investigate the crime since he is secretly enrolled in the NYPD police academy.  I won’t reveal the shooter’s identity specifically, only to say, it is a former step-child of Nancy’s.  Someone I didn’t even remember existed and a bit disappointing for the triggerman.

Doug (Kevin Nealon) is inappropriate as always, hiding under the table after Nancy is shot (I secretly don’t blame him) and then later feeling her up while she is in a medically induced coma.  Very bad form, even for Doug.

Nancy’s sister, Jill (Jennifer Jason Leigh), inappropriately has sex with Andy (Justin Kirk) in the hospital room next to the bed where Nancy slumbers in her coma. Andy later has a conversation with a Rabbi in the hospital cafeteria.  Very Andy-esque.  Finally, Jill’s evil twin demon daughters post a picture of Nancy online after she has been shot.

Nancy’s (Mary-Louise Parker) shooter returns to her hospital room.

Nancy’s shooter comes back to the hospital to either finish the job he started or muse on his feelings about attempted murder.  Either way, he is interrupted by Nancy’s roommate’s daughter who has been walking in on inappropriate activities throughout the episode.  Nancy must sense danger as she seems to go into cardiac distress as the episode ends.

Will Nancy die? I doubt it.  Only nice people die young.  Evil people live to ripe old ages.  As my father said about one of my mother’s aunts, she was so mean, even the cancer couldn’t stand being in her.  I kind of see Nancy in the same light, though I still enjoy watching her mess up everyone’s life.

And if you think things are screwed up for the Botwins, they are not that much better for Beverly and Sean in Episodes which I will be happy to discuss in my next installment…

It’s official: Weeds gets renewed for an 8th season

11 Nov

My heart essentially dropped when I read that Showtime went ahead and renewed Weeds.  Again.  At one time, it was one of my favorite shows, but once Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) burned down the house and fled Agrestic, the show felt done.  When the Botwins and friends turned up in Ren Mar, it felt wrong.  It wasn’t the same show any more.  The whole point of Weeds was that we were watching the life of a soccer mom evolve into a drug dealer.  By the time she burned down Agrestic, well, she’d turned into a drug dealer. Goal accomplished.  Where do we go from there?

There are really two answers to that question.  One is let the show finish gracefully, and let the fans come up with their own fate for Nancy.  She could go down in TV history as a drug dealing mom who also is an arsonist among other things.  The other answer is unfortunately the more practical one if you are a Cable network who wants to turn a profit:  you shouldn’t care if a show turns to shit, you still want to churn it out cash for the bottom line so let’s ruin the strong character we created and let’s destroy the show.  For money.  And in Hollywood, you’re lucky if you get any sort of art since the bottom line is always about profit.

I slugged through life in Ren Mar half-heartedly.  It was no longer the same show I knew and loved.  Once Nancy hooked up with the drug kingpin I wondered if it would turn around.  Uh, no.  The only redeeming thing for me was when Shane (Alexander Gould) murdered Pilar (Kate del Castillo).  It was one of those moments I didn’t see coming and I thought, “Wow.  I just had to watch an entire season of this show for one great moment.  Maybe it will pick up next season.”  That was a gross mis-judgement on my part and when my now historically least favorite Weeds season (that is season 6 for any hard core fans) started, I saw it was going to crash and burn.  In fact, I had to stop watching by episode 5.  It wasn’t until Season 7 was about to start that I gave Weeds one last chance, for old times’ sake.  I sucked it up, watched the rest of Season 6 and prepared for the worst.  Strangely, I pretty much enjoyed Season 7.  Now, it wasn’t near the greatness of the first two seasons of the show but it felt as if Jenji Kohan and company had sat down and reflected on what made Nancy Botwin, well,  Nancy Botwin.

What initially made Weeds such as great show was taking an ordinary person and putting her in extraordinary circumstances and watching her struggle to survive.  What ruined this show was forgetting who Nancy was for, uh, about four seasons and just writing plots and forgetting that it wasn’t the drug thing alone that made the show what it was.  It was Nancy swimming with sharks while never quite becoming one, keeping a bit of humanity inside her somewhere, and somehow triumphing.  I realize characters need to evolve and grow.  But Nancy never felt that she organically evolved after she left Agrestic.  She reacted.  Nobody likes a reactor.  Then the character is ruled by plot.  Not their personality.  Nancy was ruled by plot for 4 seasons and the show floundered.  Yes, it still might have gotten good ratings but its watchability, at least in my opinion, took a nose-dive.  This season (7), Nancy was back to being proactive and the show felt different.  Not quite like it did, especially when teeny bopper queen Michelle Trachtenberg shows up as a spoiled drug dealer.  That’s when the show ended up having a nasty power struggle that I don’t feel paid off:  it became a question of what’s stronger?  Nancy as a character determining the show’s outcome, or the plot.  It felt like a stalemate.

I’ve got to admit (SPOILER ALERT) that as I watched the last scene of this season, I felt that it was the right time to end Weeds.  And what better way?  Does Nancy get shot?  I like to think she does.  Does she die?  I kind of think so.  Because you see, Nancy stopped struggling and in Nancy’s world, that really is death.  She needs to live for the next fix of drama.  So, sure, Jenji Kohan can now take her next 13 episodes and do with them what she may.  I hope it is something mind-blowing, not mind-numbing.  And… if Nancy does survive the gun shot, who does get killed?  Someone needs to die.  Maybe one of her children?  Now that might be interesting but I’m talking about an entirely different show.  How would Nancy survive the death of one of her kids?  Would she go out for revenge?  Again, not Weeds.  If Doug or Jill die, then that’s sort of a cop out.  So… what are they going to do?  Honestly, I’m not sure I care any more.  I would have rather seen Nancy go down in a hail of bullets.  An anti-heroine who could go down with some great criminals.  In my mind, there is nothing worse than going down in history as a Connecticut home owner (I lived in Connecticut for two years so I can attest to this).  How boring can you get?  If that’s how her life turned out, then Showtime and Jenji Kohan, I’d like my money back.  And my time.

Weeds Season 7 Finale: Is it curtains for Nancy and the gang?

7 Oct

If you’re a Weeds fan, you have been through the highs (the first 2 seasons are my favorites) and the lows (the last season was so painful I could barely watch until the last 4 episodes – things picked up once they got to Michigan). I approached Season 7 with trepidation.  But I was pleasantly surprised, for the most part.  Yes, a few episodes veered off and I never felt they exploited that weird bike thing to its fullest potential but overall, Nancy Botwin felt like the old Nancy from the early Weeds.


In the last episode of the season and possibly the series, things start to get wrapped up.  Silas tentatively reconciles with Nancy after he realizes she does actually love him and she was not only looking out for the business but him as well.  Jill and Nancy have an embarrassing fight on the subway that was more uncomfortable than the people who come on and either play bad music and ask for money or just ask for money.  Shane agrees to join the police force and enters training (he doesn’t tell Nancy).  Dimitry goes to prison for an offense unrelated to drugs and Nancy and Jill are able to recover the stolen weed.  Finally, everyone ends up on a Connecticut compound (that is a bad idea considering if you have ever lived in Connecticut you will die of boredom) and Nancy makes a toast to the new living experiment and promptly someone takes a shot at her.  Is it the end for Nancy?  Or does she have one last season left in her?  Honestly, at this point, I’m not sure I care any longer.  If Nancy gets killed, I’m fairly certain Silas, Doug and Andy can run the pot business with Jill stepping in to be an even crazier bitch than Nancy.  I’m also sure that Shane will take protection money and be the most corrupt cop the NYPD has ever had.  As far as I’m concerned, that is the ending I’m giving it.  If Jenji Kohan can do better, more power to her.  I for one, as people used to say in California, think this bowl is dusted (at least I think that is how one spells bowl in these circumstances – I was never actually a stoner so I’m not sure).

Nurse Jackie: High and Mighty or Angry and Whiny?

29 Jul

Edie Falco as Nurse Jackie

Why does the Showtime original half-hour dark comedy work so well when it defies American audience genre expectations of how a medical show should work?  Normally, American medical dramas are traditionally hour-long shows , although there is the success of the irreverent Scrubs! but American television usually doesn’t do medical comedy.  However, Nurse Jackie is a Showtime product – and they have proven that they don’t follow traditional genre expectations – The Big C, Weeds and Californication  illustrate that Showtime is willing to move beyond conventional narratives and take their audience to the edge and beyond of what we might deem morally acceptable.  What works so well for these shows and Nurse Jackie is the compelling characters that are at once human and despicable.

Is Jackie (Edie Falco) a flawed character?  She’s a seasoned New York City nurse who ingests any painkiller or speed pill available but it’s hard to blame her when forced to identify with her life in the hospital, the demands from her husband and kids, and yes, even her lover.  She’s tough-talking but she has a soft side just when you least expect it.  This is what makes her human.  And fallible.  Her best friend is a wealthy female British surgeon, Dr. Eleanor O’Hara (Eve Best), in her own way, just as tough and emotionally distant as Jackie.  They’re the Thelma & Louise of All Saints’ Hospital.

What makes this show work is the level of quality coming from this Showtime production.  Yes, there is drug abuse, adultery, theft and assault to name a few transgressions that occur every week but it’s the way in which these transgressions occur, how they are handled and resolved that makes this show such a pleasure to watch.  For Jackie Peyton, it’s simply all in a day’s work.

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Season 3 Trailer Promo:

WEEDS is back and surprisingly good. Yes. Good.

28 Jul

Nancy Botwin is back

Ok.  It’s not as great as the first couple of seasons, and it’s not as bad as the last couple of seasons.  But, I would argue, Weeds Season 7 is actually good.  Or maybe enjoyable.  Good and enjoyable.  I’ve hesitated to write about it because I’ve been waiting to be let down and disappointed.  I haven’t been. Spoiler Alert from this point:   I was a bit worried with this week’s episode when Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) returns to California to try and get custody of her youngest son, Stevie, the spawn of a now dead Mexican drug lord.  And this week’s episode, “Fingers Only Meat Banquet,” was probably the weakest so far, mostly because I don’t really care about Nancy as a mother, I only care about her as a drug dealer.  Yes, I know.  That’s part of the reason she became a drug dealer was to take care of her family, but knowing Nancy’s character, I’d be willing to bet that even if she didn’t have a family to support, she would have become a drug dealer anyway.

I’ve always felt Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould) tended to be secondary characters in terms of Nancy’s motivations and the show became much weaker when she tried to keep the family as a unit.  Nancy is a narcissist.  When she starts to act too maternal or caring, it doesn’t work.  I wish Jenji Kohan and her staff would keep their eyes on the prize.  Because it’s when Nancy acts out of character for plot’s sake that their show falls apart. What I liked about the start of this season is that Nancy is selfish.  Yes, she’s always selfish but she’s really out for herself and she feels like the old Nancy.  She might not be in Agrestic, but plopping her down in Washington Heights (in Queens) at a halfway house is certainly more compelling to Ren Mar and the Winnebago from the last couple of seasons.

We see the aftermath of Nancy going to prison for three years.  Silas, Shane and Andy (Justin Kirk) – even Doug (Kevin Nealon) have managed to survive without her.  Nancy is still Nancy.  Complete with checking into her halfway house, making contact with an obvious outlaw, and retrieving a suitcase full of stolen explosives from a car trunk by the end of the first episode.  No, Nancy does not become a terrorist this season as far as I know.  She wants to go back to dealing.  And if you haven’t watched yet, start watching because at the end of the ‘fingers’ episode, some of the old cast will be reunited with Nancy and Silas (who is now her partner in drug-dealing crime).  It feels like the old Weeds might be back.  I just hope it stays that way.

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Weeds Season 7 Promo:

Weeds Episode Recap: “Gentle Puppies”

4 Jan

This episode really should have been titled, “Nancy Needs to Get Laid.” Or “How to Get Laid on the run.” Or maybe:  “Nancy, Keep It in Your Pants.”

The Botwins buy an RV once owned by a minister now in prison for embezzlement but who apparently had quite a kinky appetite when he went on his – missions. I guess this is the only way one can make an RV sexy.

Shane announces he doesn’t want to go to high school so she promises to come up with a plan to educate him which suits him more to his path. Nancy, I’d suggest the local lockup ward.

Andy becomes Pastor Randy. I’m not sure what to say about Pastor Randy except it feels like Weeds is now scraping the bottom of the barrel. The fake baptismal. The revival atmosphere. It’s all too easy and it all seems to fall apart at the end of every episode to keep the Botwins moving along.

This week’s episode centered around Nancy’s need to get laid. The sex scene she has with the bartender she hits on is, I guess hot, but really the whole thing feels forced. And I’m extremely forgiving with sex scenes. I realize Nancy has to have at least one really hot sex episode a season but it was clear they realized Nancy needed a sex scene so that’s what the episode was about. Of course, her choice ends up being a married man and as soon as it feels like the Botwins might be welcome in their new community of losers, they are chased out of town by the entire ‘town.’

I seriously will need a shot of something before I watch the next episode.

Weeds Episode Recap: “Pinwheels and Whirligigs”

2 Jan

Please somebody hunt the Botwin-Newmans down and kill them in cold blood. Because this season SUCKS.

The Botwins are on the run while Doug tags along. He is only in this episode in order to serves as the babysitter while the family wanders around a crap fair in Montana when they decide to take what they believe is a well-deserved break from being on the run.

Silas and Andy enter a butter-sculpture eating contest that was so disgusting I almost couldn’t watch. They win a dream RV to help them escape, but they are supposed to give tax identification and obviously can’t so they must leave without their prize. Shane gets a short lecture by Nancy about not growing up to be a psychopath.

I’m sure they were supposed to have a ‘nice break’ going to the fair. I just couldn’t wait until they got back in the car and left. The problem is, they’ve made it to next week. The previews promise that Nancy needs to get laid so maybe there is hope. But this season, I highly doubt it.

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